What is the Metal Spinning?

The spinning metal process, part of a round material that is stretched into a mold by means of a roller using a lathe. This type of process is ideal when you have a piece of deep drawing and its volume does not justify the high cost of stamping. You can also make special geometries through various forms or stages of the part. In this process geometries can be formed only round, conical, hemispherical, cylindrical, parabolic, venturi, flange, plates, etc.. The deformation is spinning by rotating all metals, obtaining complex shapes without the need for expensive dies. We work with latest machinery with CNC computer-controlled systems, through which are achieved in ways that are hard to machine Metal spinning of conventional system would be impossible.

HMetal spinning  prevents the weld beads, minimum wall thickness, uniform flat surfaces and finishes at 100%. Today we work with the latest machines using CNC aided systems, through which we get very difficult forms the basis of materials of greater thickness and hardness than conventional machines spinning. The advantage of this type of construction is obvious: no welds, the wall thicknesses are minimal, flat surfaces and finished products absolutely uniform.


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